Mails not Sending Just Receiving

You’ll be connecting either through a non-existing DNS entry or through a proxied one. All mail related entries need to be :grey:

That being said, you also have an SSL issue on your server as you have no valid certificate and an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. Your site is still not secure.

Thanks @sandro for your reply … i have change mail related entries to :grey: … but still no luck , please check the attachment … thanks again

I recommend to fix the security issue first, as you will otherwise run into all sorts of issues, possibly also mail related.

i am using this SSL or explain me security issue please

Right, it should be Full Strict. And you need to fix the server certificate.

change to full and how to fix the server certificate, because after changing to Full Strict website stop work saying Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526

You can deploy either a Let’s Encrypt certificate or a Cloudflare Origin one.

Full Strict & Cloudflare Origin SSL installed … still mails not going

Did you verify the DNS entry you are using exists and is not proxied?

And you are using mail? If so and that’s the right address, I am afraid you need to contact your mail provider, as this wouldn’t be a Cloudflare related issue.

Your MX record is currently pointed at And because is proxied, this is never going to work.

Since both and are pointed at the same IP address, set your MX record to and use this as your SMTP host when configuring your email app. (This is actually the default config for cPanel, the control panel your host uses.)

The MX record is not necessarily an issue, plus the OP has an issue with sending emails, not receiving them.

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now i am using these settings plz check @GeorgeAppiah

As mentioned, the MX entry is rather irrelevant here.

Which error do you actually get? And you did not answer the previous question.

no error when i am sending gmail to info@ …com its working but when i am sedning from info@…com to gmail then not working …

As mentioned, you need to contact your mail provider here. Cloudflare is not involved with mail.

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It could be also that your mail authentication DNS entries are not correct (respectively not set up), but that’s also something to clarify with your mail provider and not Cloudflare.

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