Mails don't arrive at mailserver, MX Record is not updated

Hi! I’ve recently upgraded my hosting with all the features of Cloudflare and everything seemed to work straight away. A few days later I found out that the mail delivery was not working as expected, I checked the DNS Page of my Cloudflare project and found that an MX record was missing. The mail server I would like my mails to arrive at is “mx1[dot]hostinger[dot]de”. In order for the emails to get directed there, I added the following DNS-Record (it is the only MX record):

Type: MX
Name: mailserver
Value: mail handled by
Priority: 1
TTL: Automatic

With this configuration, there is no MX record created (Error message remains, tells me that there is no MX record), I’ve already waited for two days since then.
What is my fault? :blush:

Change the name to

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Okay wow - thanks! I’ve changed it and the error message dissappeared straight away! Thanks :slight_smile:

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