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I am trying to figure out how to create a dedicated ssl certificate for our mailgun sub subdomain, I tried purchasing the other day but it doesn’t show up in my billing subscriptions, and the documentation makes it seem as though this configuration of dedicated SSL Managing Dedicated SSL Certificates – Cloudflare Help Center has been replaced by advanced edge certificate

When I try to use advanced certificate manager to add the it doesn’t work, any ideas? I’m getting no response from Cloudflare support.

Hi @anna7,

The Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM) has replaced the old Dedicated Certificates. Do you see an ACM subscription on your account? If so, you should be able to go to SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates and order a new Advanced Certificate with the required hostname.

My CNAME to mailgun is set to :grey: DNS Only and it apparently works. I believe I set it up with them so they issue a certificate that’s valid at their end.


Yep I have DNS only, and technically it works, but firefox and chrome users get a dangerous url warning because it’s a double subdomain and out of HTTPS even though it is just a bridge from the email to the website. They can open up advanced and click through but this kind of friction is causing major drop-off.

In ACM whenever I try to add the email.wpmg subdomain I get a pending issuance error. I tried disabling and reenabling the universal SSL as suggested on another thread, but it remains unresolved.

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