Mailerlite requires authenticated email domain

Mailerlite is requiring me to authenticate my email domain due to new requirements for email deliverability. My SPF/SenderID has been approved, but my DKIM: Please check TXT record for has not been approved.

I have looked at my current DNS records and cannot see anything that looks like “” to update the content. However, There is a name called domainkey???

Or, should I be creating a new TXT record for the above and then just copying the text into content that is underneath in the box?

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

You can have multiple “_domainkey” records, for example if you’re sending from e.g. three different email providers, you would usually have at least three of them, assuming they all are DKIM signing your messages.

With some DNS providers, you just ned to look for “ml._domainkey” (e.g. the full name, but excluding your own domain).

That said, I can confirm that the record you mention does not appear to exist.

That one has actually been misconfigured.

I would delete that one.

As you do not have any record at that label already, you would indeed just need to creating a new one, with the name “ml._domainkey” holding the content “v=DKIM1; [...]”, as instructed by Mailerlite.

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Thanks you so much for your help. It has now been authenticated.

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