MailerLite Authentication is not working

I am trying to verify my domain email in MailerLite. I added the CNAME and TXT codes that it instructed me to do but I keep getting the message that the SenderID/SPF records do not match.
I am wondering if I have more than one SPF record and need to merge them.
This is over my head. Help!

Multiple SPF records are not allowed, so if you got two or more, that could be the problem.

What exact (sub-)domain are you having issues with?

Thank you for your response. By sub domain do you mean my “@meganmathersyoga” ?

How can I recognize another SPF and how can I merge them so both can work?


It was referring to whether the problem would be on (domain), or (subdomain).

A “TXT” record, where the content starts with “v=spf1”.

If we’re talking about the .COM domain, then you’re indeed having two SPF records.

The second one does not add any value though, as it is attempting to refer something that you already have in the other one.

Find the two following TXT records:

v=spf1 ~all
v=spf1 ~all

Delete the second one, the one that alone is including

In addition, you have done something similar with your “facebook-domain-verification=TXT records, ending up with two almost identical records, and where the one that starts with @ (e.g. “@facebook-domain-verification=[...]” wouldn’t make any sense.

I would therefore also suggest that you delete the one that starts with @.

Yes, the subdomain.

Yes, I do have two SPFs but I would like both of them working.

You cannot. Having two SPF records at the same label will invalidate both of them. Normally you would merge the contents of the two records to produce one with the values you need. In the current state, however, your extra SPF record is already included in its entirety in your other SPF record, so merging it would be counter productive. The proper course of action, as @DarkDeviL already indicated, is to delete the redundant entry.

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Thank you both so much! I’ve got it.

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You’re now having “” twice in your SPF record, so I would personally say, no, not yet.

Having the exact same mechanisms (e.g. “”) multiple times is able to break your SPF too, just like having multiple SPF records will.

I would therefore suggest cleaning up that, and setting the actual content to:

v=spf1 -all
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