Mailchimp Domain Authentication

Hi all,

I am trying to authenticate my domain on Cloudflare with Mailchimp.

I entered necessary records on Cloudflare side with the copied values from Mailchimp:

But mailchimp says it failed. Any idea why it might have failed ?

Thanks a lot!

Looks ok, what is the domain?

thanks for your response!

domain is

Ah now I checked that. It works!!!

Thank you

Hey there,
I checked, double checked all the posts related to this topic and I can’t figure out what the problem is.
I added the records to the DNS zone:
CNAME k2._domainkey DNS only Auto
same for k3 domainkey, however this is the answer I got from them:
“The records look correct as far as we can tell, but you would need to make sure that there isn’t anything in your DNS settings that would be preventing our system from properly propagating with the records.”
I’m stuck at this point and have no ideea what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Domain is
Thank you.

The DMARC and DKIM records are there…

What problem are you having?