MailChimp DNS Issue

We added the following MailChimp DNS records to our account and it immediately blocked all our Gmail emails from sending. Has anyone experienced this issue before?

This is what we added to the Cloudflare DNS. [our domiain name here] included our actual .com domain name :

CNAME record for k1._domainkey.[our domiain name here] with this value:

TXT record for [our domain name here] with:
v=spf1 ?all

I have not experienced this issue with Mailchimp, but my primary email domain has a very restrictive DMARC and SPF policy, and we have several third party mailers, including MailChimp.

The MailChimp documentation is poor, and you missed the following line where they say:

When you make your updates, it’s important to also ensure that any other email service provider (ESP) or internet service provider (ISP) you use is also included in your SPF record.

You should start with something like this.

v=spf1 ~all

Your current record does not have Gmail in the allowed senders list, which will be an issue. While the ?all policy is almost a non-policy and should have allowed Gmail, Google actually recommend ~all. You should aim for -all if you are confident you have covered all SMTP senders.

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