Mailchannels stopped working for free, always get 500 response code

Hi everyone,

I have used Mailchannels API to send emails last year. Recently I noticed that I haven’t received any emails in a while. I got to an interesting finding that sending emails has actually stopped working, who knows how long time ago. The actual problem is that I always get 500 response code and Internal Server Error.
Is anyone aware why this might be the case? I tried configuring DKIM, SPF, those didn’t help. Is it possible that now it’s just not free anymore and I have to use something else?
Thanks in advance

This is something that you should contact mailchannels about.

Well to be honest if Cloudflare offered this as a part of their service before, the least that they could do is update us on the lack of support now, or the changes that we have to do. It’s obvious that it’s not supported in the same way as before and I switched to Sendgrid. The problem is that I have never gotten any email about it and I missed a lot of emails because of this. But yes, your solution is half valid.

You’re likely hitting the Domain Lockdown feature, which was added after MailChannels was discovered to be a security nightmare and something essentially no one should use.

I would recommend avoiding MailChannels and using some other service like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Postmark, etc.

There are a lot of security implications and their responses to the situation have been very undesirable. Further reading:

To this day, they have still not truly acknowledged the problems, and brushed it aside or “patched” it with paywalls.


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