MailChannels End of Life notice - migrate now!

MailChannels have recently announced that they will be discontinuing their free API service with Cloudflare Workers as of June 30th. You can find details here:

They also stated in the Cloudflare Discord server that:

Starting next week, you may notice a small fraction (1%) of your connections are rejected with an error message containing a link to the same announcement. Any messages that are accepted by the service will be delivered as usual and we will continue to provide support as usual until the final day of service.

So I would recommend folks migrate now!


I can confidently recommend both Postmark and SendGrid, and have heard good things about Resend.

The Cloudflare developer docs has great tutorials for sending with both Postmark and Resend:


I hate that I have to deal will a third party. Cloudflare should provide an alternative.

This is why people end up on AWS; they provide all that you need.