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Hi @larry4,

I was just wondering if you could help me to understand what is unclear and what we can change to help make this tutorial easier to understand. I have tried to write the tutorials in a way that is technical and covers the necessary detail, without being impossible to understand. If this is not currently the case, I would love to get some feedback on how this can be improved.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Flashing lights and sirens at the top of the article: Cloudflare does not proxy email! Any hostname set to :orange: can not be used for sending or receiving email! Those hostnames must be set to :grey:!

p.s. Your ISP sucks. For personalized assistance, @domjh will walk you through the process for 50 squid (or some other British monetary value).

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Hi domjh,
I think this is important: “The Community is for users of all experience levels

One of the most powerful, useful and best ways to teach others this kind of stuff is the liberal use of screenshots. Just because you say put 1 over there and 3 over there doesn’t mean we know what that means. Show us. Then we know exactly what that means. And give us steps.

For email, I added an A record, as per my ISP helper.
I have an MX record. But neither he (on the phone with me) nor I could figure out if I added it correctly. There are no Cloudflare screen shots. I tried variations.

Also, it would be helpful to know that you are a tech with Cloudflare and not a random stranger just trying to help.

When asked to give my URL, keep in mind my website has suffered numerous attacks - it sounds like you would look it up on the backend? Now that I have seen more responses? That should be stated so I understand.

If that is the case, here it is:

I have set my GoDaddy DNS back to my server and pulled Cloudflare out of the loop. I got every thing else to work - only the email didn’t work - when pointed to Cloudflare. So if you are able to take a look, or provide screen shots, that’d be helpful.

Thank you.

I completely agree, which is the way I have tried to write the tutorials.

The issue I have with this tutorial is that every case if different and there is unfortunately no one-size fits all answer to a mail issue, hence the list of possible options and troubleshooting ideas.

You can find help on adding MX records in one of the other tutorials (with screenshots) Adding DNS Records.

I don’t actually work for Cloudflare, those here with the title MVP are volunteers who spend a lot of time helping out here and are generally very knowledgable on Cloudflare.

Thank you for the feedback, I will look at ways to improve this tutorial - this was just a thread to discuss the tutorial so any info to help with troubleshooting of your issue should be added in your original thread.


Hi again @larry4,

Just wanted to let you know that, following your feedback on this tutorial, I have updated it to include more examples and screenshots which I hope will make it more accessible and easier to understand. I hope this helps you with your issue, if you are still having problems, please give further details on the original topic you created, How to Set Up Email.

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Thank you much - much more helpful for the newbie!

I think a screen shot of the actual data entry field would be even more helpful - just to be crystal clear what gets entered where.

Thank you for taking the feedback - I think others will find this very helpful!

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No problem - glad you think it may be more useful now. I am always looking to improve the tutorials!

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