Mail timeout after activated Cloudflare

i have activate cloudflare 8 hour ago. Site running well, mail on Thunderbird, Outlook and on Wordpress stop to work with error “timeout” (webmail work)
Tried also ftp with filezile and with host setting on, but FZ try to connect to a different ip (104.32…) checked and it is a cloudflare ip
Im coming from siteground hosting, whats wrong, i try to read old post and set only a dns A with mail (was in Cname)

Kindly, for FTP, switch from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only) as your screenshot says the record A ftp is :orange: (proxied).

Thanks now filezilla ftp works, but Mail isnt’t working

May I ask, do you use as a POP3/IMAP and SMTP server, or rather your domain name (notice the difference is not the same as as a receiving/sending server in Thunderbird and/or Outlook, even at WordPress)

Could you please check this and post back here?

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Checked, i use only on Thunderbird, WP and Outlook.
Tried to put on filezilla only, Fz try to connect to Cloudlfare 104.xx.xx.xx IP.
I dont know what im do wrong, must be connect to SG ip, not CF ip

I have disabled also proxy on dns A -> and CNAME->www, now email works, but i think that now im not on Cloudflare, or badly im not in all cloudflare servers, but only in one, better to leave CF

That’s the issue here.

Yes, you are not as far as I see when you disabled :orange: (proxy).

Kindly, make a change in your e-mail client from (for POP3/IMAP/SMTP) to and keep A and CNAME www both :orange: (proxied).

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External to the main question, note that you are rendering CF security a bit meaningless by exposing your backend IP both in those DNS records and on the forums.

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