Mail stopped working after SSL installed by hosting provider expired

I have been using Cloudflare for a month. Cloudflare SSL was turned on in Full mode.

My domain mail was not proxied by Cloudflare, so it worked, as I understand, under my old Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that was installed by my hosting provider before I switched to Cloudflare. Today that LE certificate expired, and the mail become inaccessible through POP/SMTP (webmail works).

Hosting support said that they cannot install new LE certificate for me as I handed over DNS management to Cloudflare. So, should I remove my website from Cloudflare temporarily to install new SSL certificate or there is another way to repair the access to mail?

Hosting: Greengeeks
DNS records:

You should only need to set all the :orange: to :grey: (or use the Pause Cloudflare on Site link in your Overview page).

You might also try disabling “Always Use HTTPS” in the SSL Origin Server section. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get Let’s Encrypt to renew successfully.

Thank you for the reply. I tried everything and, finally, my hosting provider started to block me for the unsuccessful mail login attempts. So I had to delete my website from Cloudflare and then create and install a new SSL certificate there. Now everything works fine but I haven’t found a solution how to continue to use domain mail accounts being on Cloudflare after the original SSL certificate expired.

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