Mail Service not working after switching to cloudflare?

Mail Services are not working after shifting to cloudflare. As in Community Posts I have checked some solutions but that does’nt working in my case. My Website Address Is
Need Help As Incoming Mails Are Coming but unable To send Mails.

It doesn’t look like you followed this tutorial, as your MX records looks to point to a hostname that’s :orange: Proxied.

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I Have Done The Steps But When i am Changing it some errors are coming that is api request failed.

Done That But Not Working.

It sure doesn’t seem like it. At the bottom of that DNS page, does it list Meiling and Sergi as the two name servers assigned by Cloudflare?

Can you also post a screenshot of all your DNS records? It’s ok to black out the IP addresses.

Here It Is. Previously Using Cdn But I have Bypassed That.

I Have Send That See.

Ok, it now looks like DNS is returning your actual unproxied mail server from your MX record.

Is it still not working? If not, then make sure all your mail apps are set to send & receive through the ‘mail’ subdomain.

It Still Not Working. Yes All Mail Subdomains Are Set to send and Receive but still not even getting mail or able to send mails.

What error are you seeing for sent or received messages?

On sending mails It is in Queued and not receiving incoming meassges that has been sent to mail address.

Ask your mail host to give it a look. As your DNS is a direction connection to the mail server, they should be able to track down the issue.

I Have Contacted them they say issue is from cloudflare side, They Will Help You.

Nope. If it’s DNS Only, that traffic is not going through Cloudflare. Did they confirm that your DNS record is correct?

Initially They Confirm But Now Contacting Again They Are Looking into it again.

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