Mail server unreachable

Hi, I have a domain proxied on Cloudflare for http but I noticed some mail delivery troubles.

When I do a test on I get that error message:

Connecting to
5/3/2019 12:18:56 PM Connection attempt #1 - Unable to connect after 15 seconds. [15.03 sec]

It seems that mail is managed by whitch is the Cloudflare DNS, not my mail server How can I manage to point mail on my mail server ?

By using the search :wink:

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Here is my config:

The linked article should provide you will all the information you required, particularly #4. You cant run SMTP traffic over a proxied record.

Don’t I have a A (mail) record set to :grey: ?

You do, but where were you connecting to in the example you gave and what proxy status does that record have?

Sorry. I don’t get it.
Tried to add an A smtp record in case but no result. Now my conf is:

You ran your test against and that record is still proxied. If you now run it against your smtp host it will work.

So it works in fact. Thought the smtp was automaticaly added to the domain for the test

smtp is a custom name, there is no standard that requires that name, so they cant add that.

OK thanks a lot Sandro

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