Mail server stopped working a couple days ago unless im on my wifi where the server is

my mail server seems to only work when im connected to my network where the mail server is it was working fine up to a couple days ago. Now im not receiving email on phone unless im home on my wifi

did Cloudflare interment new security features or something

I don’t think I undersetand completely what is happening here. You are using Cloudflare for DNS and mail is not getting to your mail provider?

What is your domain?

Who is your mail provider?

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I run my own mail server and use Cloudflare domain is mail server is mail.custombuiltpcs.Org and it’s been working perfect in till a couple days ago I hve to be on my WiFi for email to be received

So I can see your mx record points to your mail server as it should. This does not go through Cloudflare so I don’t think that Cloudflare can do anything to interupt your emails.

In this case I would check the configuration of your email server as I suspect either that or your firewall is the issue here.

Thank u I’ll give that a try but I haven’t changed or adjusted anything and it’s just weird thst it only works now when I’m on my home WiFi

Ensure that all of the hostnames configured in your mail client related to mail are :grey: . It’s likely that you the ocal Wifi you are using split brain DNS for something and resolving to a different host. Beyond that… ensure the server(s) are listening on the correct ports from outside (firewall / iptables/ whatever).

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I appreciate everyone’s assistance I will check these. I just find it crazy that it’s been working perfect for a very long time and for it to just stop out of know where like this and having to be on my home WiFi is just weird like I can login to webmail and that works but mail clients won’t work without being on my home WiFi just very strange

Your dovecot server is responding on POP3 & IMAP ports. IMAPS and POP3S both timed out. Attempts to STARTTLS with openssl s_client on your IMAP also timed out. I have been running dovecot for a decade and don’t recall any recent breaking changes, but it wouldn’t hurt to check your SSL setup on your mailserver. If you have access to a remote system you can always watch your logs while you test with openssl s_client from a remote CLI session. There is a decent reference page in the Dovecot documentation. Good luck to you!

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i cant figure out how to check what your asking.

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