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Greetings all!
I have an IP exposed in the form of a mail server. It’s set for “dns only”. I have switched it to “proxy” and it breaks something, even when switched back. Thoughts, comments, something glaringly obvious?
Thanks in advance!

To make your e-mail service work propperly, kindly click on the :orange: button in a row where A mail to make it :grey: (DNS only).

Since mail traffic cannot be proxied through Cloudflare by default, you will expose your origin web server’s IP addres …

Cloudflare’s default configuration only allows proxying of HTTP traffic and will break mail traffic.

No need to worry about the exclamation warning for MX record (you will possibly get one more near A mail record too).

Otherwise, if your A mail record is not :grey:, your e-mail will not be delivered or work as it should be working due to the below articles:

Solved and thanks!~ Made fast and painless… the very best way!

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I am happy to assist you! Glad you fixed it :wink:

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