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I have a free account on Cloudflare which is hosting my web site domain, and I redirect www traffic to another domain and site. Working fine, however I also have a domain on Bluehost which consists of my last name and .net. I am only using this for my email address which includes my last name domain (.net).

Bluehost provides the mail server under this .net domain, but I was thinking of transferring the registration of that domain to Cloudflare. I am trying to figure out how I could do this without changing my email address. I assume that Cloudflare will not provide the mail server, correct?

I also have an email account at, but I have been using my email address at my last name domain since before there was a world wide web, and do not want to change that. So, if I was to transfer this .net domain to Cloudflare, is there a way to use an MX record or a page rule to continue using my current email address, but have all the email routed thru the email account? If I did this, would users receiving and sending mail from/to mu current email address see it or see the email address?

Yes, just make sure all the DNS records in Cloudflare are identical with the one in your existing nameserver.

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