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Hello, community.

Ever since migrating over to Cloudflare, I have been getting mail server time out issues. I did watch a video where they explained to add an MX record and A record that are both set to DNS only. When doing this though I get an orange warning about my IP being exposed. I have reached out to my host support company and keep getting mixed support responses like I need to delete the MX record pointing to and that I should only manage my DNS from within Cloudflare and no longer from my Cpanel. I even checked a few other topics on the community pages but most of them lead to the same answer mentioned above or have not been answered and closed.

Is there a way to resync the Cloudflare DNS with my Cpanel or do I have to delete the account and start again? I have been adding and removing so many things from so many different recommendations and instructions, it just feels like I have done more bad than good.

I hope that someone can help me.

Some thoughts:

  1. Your setup looks correct…unless you have the wrong IP address for your mail server.
  2. You’d need a mail admin to test your server connection. Or someone else familiar with mail protocols.
  3. cPanel DNS doesn’t affect this, as it’s not your domain’s authoritative DNS.
  4. It generally doesn’t work to delete/start over, but you should be able to export your cPanel DNS Zone file and import it into Cloudflare.

Hi @sdayman,

thanks for the response, I really appreciate you taking the time to try and help me.

  1. When you say the setup looks correct. There is a warning about an IP being exposed on the Mail A record. I thought the point of all of this is to make sure everything is ‘protected’ with no errors?
  2. When using and MXtool I found the following: 2 images attached

    They both reference that IP but the one does mention a resolve to (SRV)…
  3. When asking my hosting company support team, the one person said I only need to manage DNS via Cloudflare now, yet another asked me to only delete stuff within my cPanel DNS. (caused confusion for me)
  4. If deleting/starting over with the DNS will not help or resolve the issue, then I may as well not bother with it. It does seem like I will get better help from this community that is more likely to end up in a resolution.

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