Mail sent but not received

Hi !

I am using free hosting from and I created in their c panel the [email protected] email and I am send successfully mail to any one.

But now I am use Cloudflare and in here DNS tab I updated their (royalfree) mx record below…

A MX Automatic Grey color cloud icon.
MX my domain name with priority 0 Automatic No icon in status.

Can please any one help me to how can I received my mails.


Since you didn’t post your actual domain, we can’t double check, but here’s an article about email setups:

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Hi ! I see all the tutorials and tried to solve this but as I am not a technical person or little knowledge of technical I can’t solve my problem. I have free hosting from royalfree where in their cpanel I see only only !!!

So, can you please help me on this ?

Sorry, without knowing your domain name, the tutorial is all I can suggest.

My username is my domain name

That MX host isn’t responding to Port 25.

It means ???

It means it’s not going to receive mail. Contact your host to find out what the proper mail server is for your domain.

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