Mail record and other questions

Hi there,

I have managed DNS before, but I have never taken over a running system.

I was looking through the DNS records of my new boss’ domain, and it has record

“ MX 300 0”

I am wondering, would this be some kind of mail redirect?

I am also dealing with the fact that there are two different websites hosted on the domain. One at HTTP and one at HTTPS.

The boss’ son paid to get a new website made, and when they did I think the designers might have redirected the MX to the old host and just kept it running. (I still have access to that). Is that what the _dc-mx record would be?

Also why on earth would HTTP and HTTPS have different sites? My theory is that one is the old site from the old hosting, and the new site (HTTP) wasn’t set up properly by the people the son paid to set it up.

Keep in mind, I am trying to hear anything back from any of the hosting companies involved. I have cpanel access to the old one, but no access to the new site

Thoughts and feelings would be nice. Still finding my feet with DNS, I have experience… but with systems established nice and neat from the start where I was in control of everything. This has certainly been a challenge and I am sure it will continue to be.

Have a great day all :slight_smile:

  • Chel

Fantastic #tutorial #Tutorial on this site that talk about dns records. Start here:

And these should answer most of your questions:

what is the actual domain name?

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