Mail problems, please help

I have problems with setting my mail, the message I send shows error and never got delivered. I tried to follow the instruction, but I might did something wrong. Can you please help me?

So you have an issue sending emails, not receiving them?

In that case it won’t be an issue with the MX record (which should be fine anyhow) but rather with your email client’s configuration. You’ll be trying to connect either to your naked domain or to the www record and both can’t work as they are proxied. Make sure your email client connects to your “mail” record.

Sorry for not mentioning it, I have problems with receiving mails, sending is fine.

Actually receiving them or just fetching them? I guess rather the latter.

Post a screenshot of the error message.

That’s an issue on your mail server and you need to contact your host I am afraid. Cloudflare is not involved here.

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Thank you so much for your response, I’ll contact my hosting provider then.

Just to elaborate more, that “mail” record is not proxied, so any connection goes directly to your mail provider and that message also come straight from there. Notice the IP address and Cloudflare further wouldn’t handle SMTP in the first place.

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