Mail Problems and a couple of other questions

In a given domain, zoolagos dot com, I greyed out the mail dot zoolagos dot com proxy button, but still, our mail clients cannot connect to the server. Also, I think if I ping it should ping the IP of my actual server, not Cloudflare IP? Because it’s pinging Cloudflare IP.

Also, I apologize for the basic question, but if I pause Cloudflare in zoolagos dot com should things work well and pinging zoolagos dot com shouldn’t ping my server’s IP? Because after I pause it, it still pings CloudFlare IP.

Fellows, it was just a case of too long time for propagation, it seems to be OK now, but I keep the question about the pausing, if someone could clarify this for me…

Hi @rotinas,

It seems to work OK for me:

$ dig A +short
$ dig A +short

You can see the two Cloudflare IPs returned for your root domain and the IP for your :grey: mail record (I have blanked out most of the IP).

Pausing Cloudflare will stop your site resolving to a Cloudflare IP, but your device may have cached the Cloudflare ones so it could take a while to see the actual IP when pausing.

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