Mail not working since switching


Hi guys,

Since activating cloudflare last night and switching over my DNS settings I’ve had nothing but issues with my mail.

I currently have…

A records for mail, webmail both pointing to an address (DNS only)
MX records for domain with value (0)

It was working on / off last night when I switched the A records to go through CloudFlare too.

Any ideas?


That appears to be the same mail server you had specified with your old DNS server and the IP address matches. The Mx record appears correct, what issues are you having?


Since switching last night MacOS Mail hasn’t been happy, multiple errors including ports, The certificate for this server is invalid, etc

Could this be due to the SSL on the site?


Double-check to make sure your mail app is using the mail. hostname and not an entry which is being proxied by Cloudflare (we don’t proxy SMTP, POP3 or IMAP today).

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