Mail not working since pointing to cloudflare

Hi there!!
I’ve pointed my site’s nameservers to to CLOUDFLARE’s nameservers.
Problem is, now my mail is not working.
I’ve made TWO changes to my site’s DNS RECORDS (* indicates info suppressed):
Type Name Content TTL Proxy status
A mail (*IP ADDRESS) Auto Proxied <-------------ADDED
A (*IP ADDRESS) Auto Proxied
A webdisk (*IP ADDRESS) Auto Proxied
A webmail (IP ADDRESS) Auto Proxied
A whm (IP ADDRESS) Auto Proxied
CNAME ftp Auto Proxied
CNAME www Auto Proxied
MX mail Auto DNS only <-------------MODIFIED
TXT _cpanel-dcv-test-record _cpanel-dcv-test-record= (
KEY) Auto DNS only
TXT default._domainkey v=DKIM1 (
KEY) Auto DNS only

What I’ve done wrong??
Please help!!

Your mail record should be unproxied as well as everything else mail related.

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All sorted!! Thanks!!

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