Mail not working, DNS not updating

I have swtiched my DNSs to Cloudflare like a week ago. After I mentioned that my email is not working, I changed and added a new DNS recors as per this advice:

Now it’s been nearly 72 hours and my email is still not working.

The messsages I am getting for not delievered messages, however, stated that my gmail still tries to connect to the initial MX record before the DNS changes I made. This is an IP from the Cloudflare network and not my mail provider ones. This tells me that the reason is that the DNS is still not udpated.

However, it’s been nearly 72 hours so far. How to proceed further?


Make sure that the records you need are not set to :orange:

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email services.

Thanks. I figured it. The cloud was set to gray, but I had to explicitly change the new mail server alias in my gmail settings. The MX record redirecting to mail.mydomain was not redirecting in gmail.

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