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After switching to cloudflare it seems that I can no longer access my mail through my domain ( Instead I have to use my actual server’s IP address to check and send e-mails.
Looks like the mail and possibly other DNS settings are missing or incomplete. Could you please help with finalizing my DNS setup?

Here’s some info:

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It sounds like you’re having trouble accessing your webmail when Cloudflare is enabled, correct? What URL do you normally use to access that? Is it a subdomain (e.g., Alternatively, does it have a different port in the URL, e.g. for port 1234?

I don’t have problem accessing my webmail. I have problem accessing the smtp server.

Still having problem. The smtp server is not accessible, per se: is not your SMTP server, if your MX record is any indication. It’s, which is a functioning SMTP server.

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I actually want to be the smtp server.
I’m attaching my current config.

Hi @thecargocoin,

In that case, you can’t use Cloudflare on your root domain. Mail needs to be handled on an unproxied record, hence why mail. is recommended and is normally used.

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To add to @domjh’s comment, there’s no solid reason to use your root domain for the SMTP server. With your current MX setting of ‘mail’, you’ll have functioning mail. And it doesn’t mean your email addresses will be [email protected]. That’s just the mail server for, and the MX record makes sure it works that way. People will continue to address [email protected], and you’ll send/receive that mail from the ‘mail’ subdomain.

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