Mail Incoming server and outgoing server is changed


So our email accounts were working perfectly fine under SSL/TLS Configuration:
Incoming server:
Outgoing server:

but today, all email clients doesnt work, and when i go in to cPanel, i found out the incoming server and outgoing server (Secure SSL/TLS) is now changed to: example com

Non-SSL Settings’ Incoming and Outgoing server are still: mail example com

I have to contacted the hosting server (A2), they said cloudflare didnt issue SSL for “mail example com”

i would like my incoming and outgoing server (SSL/TLS) revert back to “mail example com”

Can anyone please help? Thank you.


Cloudflare will not proxy any traffic that is related to email protocols, hence I am confused to why your hosting provider would blame Cloudflare for not issuing SSL certificates for your mail subdomain.

This knowledgebase article from A2 however gives some insights:


If you plan on using secure SSL/TLS access with POP3 or IMAP (and we strongly recommend that you do), you should use the A2 Hosting server name instead of your own domain name. Otherwise, your client application may display security warnings that the shared SSL certificate for the server does not match your web site’s domain name.


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