Mail forwarding from shopify not working quite right

Not sure why but the new Big Boy…site I have set up seems to have a mail failure on sending to one certain email address that I know is receiving mail fine otherwise. The BCC copy also fails.
The Shopalottle site sends mail fine and the BCC is also all good. I can’t see what the difference is with them and why Big Boy is having this issue.

hope someone can make sense of it!

Thanks, Craig

Why do you think this is Cloudflare related? Cloudflare generally does not handle email, so if something isnt working you’d need to contact your mail host.

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Your SPF record looks ok. Not sure if the 3rd party service that sends that mail has a recommendation For adding them to your SPF but you might ask. An explicit add might help but ~all in your existing record sort of covers it anyway.

Might ask the mail provider to confirm it was delivered and end user to check their spam folder as well.

— OG

Just wasn’t sure if I had all the DNS set up right for it to work?

The mail failure was this
Should I be asking Zoho what they think going on Sandro’s comment earlier?

This is an issue on your mail provider’s side. You need to contact them.

Ok. Thanks for your help.

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