Mail forms mx domen

Hi! I have a problem. My forms on website dont working. I have a next MX-records on DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

but in my Cloudflare panel i have another records:

how to change my MX-records in Cloudflare panel.
Sorry for my english, because im bad in this language. TY

Set the DNS records for mail, smtp and pop to “DNS only” instead of “Proxied” in your dashboard here…


My screenshot doesnt uploading. But i have next mx-records in cloudflare:
|MX||mail.dverufa.ru10|DNS only|Auto|| — | — |
|MX||mail.dverufa.ru20|DNS only|Auto|| — | — |

That was before I created this theme. Nothing is working and has not worked
my mx-records.

You need to do this… :point_down:

See here…

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Im do this yesterday, please check our dns-records and say, all OK?

The mail subdomain is still proxied…

You need to set it to “DNS only”.

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ok, check now please