Mail form problem

I’ve just begun to use CF, and my e-mail from google works fine.
Except if I use it from a form inside my blog.
If someone use the contact form, it should warn me using my e.mail, but the form does not send me anything.
What should I do?

What mail server is the form and site configured to use for sending mail? It might be trying to send through something set to :orange:

Mi mail account use my domain, but it is a google mail.
The technical service from google say to me:

“How is done the re-send of the form?
If it is sent from the web server, you should add in DNS’s configuration SPF record, the public IP of the web server to mark as permitted to send to another domain…”

I have this SPF record in my DNS configuration:

v=spf1 ~all

What should I add in that record to make the contact form work?

Your mail form should send through It should send through which ever SMTP server Google has assigned you. I find that WP Mail SMTP is a good way to route your mail through your mail host.

But mi contact form is a very simple form: the wordpress plugin ’ Simple Basic Contact Form’, which has very little configuration: I already has configured as my web and my [email protected] as my mail.
The form send correctly the e-mails if I receive in any mail address, except if I receive in any mail addres using my domain slowinver
So I think the problem is not in the form, but elsewhere.
In fact, the google assistant told me
“How is the sending of the form? I mean if it is done using the exit server (SMTP) of Google, logging in the google account, or it is done from the web server itself. I suspect should be the second: in that case, you need to change the SPF record in the DNS… bla bla”
ant the rest I have already told.
So I can not fix this…

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