Mail Exchange through Zoho Mail stopped working

I am scratching my head on this one. My host server changed (And so did the IP) but I am running through Cloudflare for my MX records.The MX records are also set on my host server appropriately, but once the hosting server IP change (Fast Comet) the mail exchanged stopped working. Both Fast Comet and Zoho have been of little help in resolving this matter.

Lets start with a domain, shall we? :wink:

Yeah, that might help Here is the DNS record from cloudflare

‘mail’ looks to be the same IP address as your host server. And it’s set to :orange: (mail services should be set to :grey:). Why this setup if you’re using Zoho?

What mail isn’t working? Inbound? Outbound?

Specifically the wordpress contact forms are not working. The DNS set up here is one I essentially copied from another site on this host that was functioning properly.

The MX records seem alright but dont even seem relevant here. Your issue is not receiving mails but sending them from your server. That is something you need to check on your server. You are most likely trying to connect to a proxied address, which wont work in the context of SMTP.

You need to check your server for that.

Server I have set to Remote exchange in cPanel

Though I am getting these “Delivery failed” emails in the servers catch box.

Maybe I am being too hasty. The server just changed yesterday afternoon. But I am not professional networker im not sure what that could mean.

That wont work. As I said, you cannot connect via the proxies. You should probably specify your IP address there instead of that hostname.

Hmm okay. It worked before, I guess that’s where I am confused. I had no problems with this until I changed hosting plans. I will try to adjust those records and see what happens.

That’s domain is just a drop down from cpanel as I have multiple add on domains. This still is not working however. Im a loss. Hosting companies says its a cloudflare problem, cloudflare says its a host problem. I need a coffee.

In that case you have to either unproxy your naked domain or try to get another unproxied hostname in there.

The problem is neither Cloudflare nor your host. The problem is the proxied record, you need an unproxied one.

I removed the redundant (i think) records and unproxied everything. I will wait a bit and test again

Now, I’d expect it to work, however keep in mind you are essentially only using Cloudflare’s DNS service at this point and none of the other services.

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