Mail doesn't work after connecting cloudflare

I tried configure but it seems not working. Mail doesn’t work but before it worked. Can you help me ?
There were default settings and I added mx record and A record with mail name.

What behavior are you seeing?

I deployed my laravel project to shared hosting which uses cpanel. Everything is okey on localhost but when deploying to server it doesn’t work(it worked on server before connecting cloudflare) so i think maybe dns configurations i made is wrong. I used server mail configurations.

I’m pretty good with English, but those SSL/TLS hostnames for IMAP and SMTP are not in your domain.

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Sorry. I can send english version too. I need to add these to dns configuration ?

Your DNS is fine, but if Laravel is trying to send mail through the apex domain (not the ‘mail’ subdomain), it won’t work. Your limited “it doesn’t work” description makes this extremely difficult to troubleshoot.

My .env configuration like that mail3 .
I changed mail host mail…com but no result.

@sdayman I have to admit first time I saw that kind of “strange setup” thing with different outgoing/incomming mail server over SSL/TLS given from the cPanel on this topic here too. I am not sure why is it like that (if cPanel has AutoSSL and is possible to generate a certificate :smiley: ):

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Is noreply an actual email account with a password? At this point this isn’t a Cloudflare issue. Those mail hostnames are not proxied by Cloudflare. They’re direct connections to those servers and you should have your mail host check your configuration.


I also have the same problem. After connecting with cloudflare I no longer receive messages in webmail. I can send / reply messages, but I don’t receive them.

Thanks for the support. After trying to fix so many times it works now.
I share my configurations for those facing the same problems

DNS zone conf is default server configurations.

Have a nice day.

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