Mail doesn't send unless I unproxy mail

I discovered today that my emails weren’t being delivered :open_mouth: There were no errors in WHM, but they weren’t in the delivery report, either.

When I went to the DNS settings and un-proxied “mail”, they went through. At least, the 2 test emails that I’d sent to my private Gmail went through, and I’m only hoping that the others all went through!

Before I go through all of my sites and un-proxy each of them, is there a reason that this would be happening that I could fix more easily?

Cloudflare only proxies HTTP traffic(*). It cannot proxy SMTP, IMAP, POP and other protocols (such as FTP, SSH) so you must set any DNS records used for mail to DNS only. DNS records that point to web servers should be left proxied to benefit from Cloudflare protections.

(*) Other protocols can be proxied by Spectrum, an Enterprise-only add-on.


Many of these sites were created through the dashboard, and the DNS records were created automatically.

Why did it proxy the mail records?! And ftp records, for that matter.

I would guess that it’s safest to proxy all hostnames than not proxy and leave sites exposed - or just do all or nothing. Some people share their IP address between a web server and mail server and it’s a little safer to keep that IP address hidden by proxying all until the user determines they want to unproxy.

Hostnames like mail could point at a mail server, or could be used for a webmail service so you can’t assume the use of many names.

The imported records can be edited at import, or any time later.

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