Mail does not working after switching to Cloudlfare

my Mail does not working after switching to Cloudlfare. I can not receive Mails.
I changed two nameservers to Cloudflare.
I have already talk to my hosting provider, and they said I need a further Nameserver?
I watched a Youtube-Video and have tried to redirect to google, but it also does not work

What can I do?
Many thanks in advanced!

These are the most common causes.

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Hi domjh,
many thanks for your quick responds!!
But where can I find the IPv4-Adress?:thinking:

Thanks in advanced!

It will likely be the same as the one for your website. You could check with your host.

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From your screenshot, it looks like item 1 on that post I linked to, Do you have MX records in Cloudflare? If not, you should check with your host what they should be.

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