Mail does not work in Outlook or Thunderbird with Cloudfare // El correo no funciona en Outlook o Thunderbird con Cloudfare

Hi there!
A few days ago I added my domain to cloudfare. The downside is that I can’t synchronize my email accounts with any program, I can only use it directly from webmail. Any solution?
I’ve seen several tutorials and made the changes and it doesn’t work. My domain is test

I leave a catch.

And this is from Cpanel

I set the same cpanel configuration in cloudfare and the same does not work outlook.

I also set mail as cname and it didn’t work either. Any recommendation?

Your “mail” DNS entry should be set to :grey:. So should FTP.

Try it too and the same does not work. Thanks for your opinion

How is it not working for you? Can’t send? Can’t get mail? Right now, that mail server takes too long to respond. About 15 seconds.

Hello! when I write from webmail if sending and receiving. But when you try to add mail to Outlook or Thunderbird you cannot simply show it as if it does not exist. And I try without SSL and it doesn’t work and with SSL either.

At this point, you will need to contact your mail host. Cloudflare is only providing DNS for that hostname. As I said, the mail server is slow to respond. Only your host can verify if you’re using the correct IP address and potential performance problems on that server.

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