Mail DNS records do not appear globally,

After changing DNS to Cloudflare I couldn’t connect my email with outlook so I back to my hosting provider and they told me the following.

The relevant domain address is resolving DNS via Cloudflare, and for mail transactions, mail DNS records do not appear globally, can you check the DNS zone via CF.

Can you tell me the domain name?

You domain isn’t even using Cloudflare.

yes because I changed the namesever to hosting provider to get email work again
cos once i hvae change the domain name server to cloudflare the outlook doesn’t connect to me email account

This is probably because you are trying to use email protocols with :orange: hostnames. Your Cloudflare zone has your MX record pointing to an :orange: hostname, and you may have others that Outlook is connecting to.

% dig +short MX

Can you share a screenshot of your DNS settings in Cloudflare (you should redact any sensitive IP addresses)


Damn mobile reception, you got the point perfectly :slight_smile:

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i dont know if it is befit for you because I returned the settings of DNS to hosting provider