Mail delivery failed

Hello, Sir,

I am disabled and can’t speak not hear.

Please check the cPanel Webmail Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender for what error closed it.

Please I still need your help.

What is your domain? Is your problem with other people sending email to you, or you sending email to other people?

Yes, Sir,

the url for checking Roundcube Webmail error not sending Gmail to a problem.

Please I still need your help

Are you able to send emails to any other destination?

And can you share the full error message you’re seeing (including the error code)?

check looking error problem

I sorry, We don’t understand for it’s again message give me.

Please reply message to the sir tell me.

@ranojitartists -

It is NOT a Cloudflare problem.

You need to contact your hosting provider for further assistance.

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