Mail Chimp DNS Servers

I recently subscribed to Mailchimp so I can send my custom HTML emails to existing / new clients etc…However, the email goes instantly to spam. In order to fix this, I need to update the DNS records with the info Mailchimp provided. How do I do this without messing it up as its slightly confusing…for instance

MAILCHIMP SAYS "Copy the following value into the CNAME record named www for . If this record does not exist in your DNS settings, create it."

this record titled www does not exist…so would it be ok to create a new record? is that how it works?

MAILCHIMP SAYS " Copy the following IP address into the A record for . If there is already an IP address in an existing A record, replace it with the one we provide."

I’m only confused because I had to change my nameservers to benefit from using Cloudflares service…if my nameservers change to authenticate Mailchimp would that remove cloudflares service?

Please help

You can create the “www” record in the DNS tab of your Cloudflare Dashboard:

In this case it should be:

Domain name: value that MailChimp provided you
TTL: Automatic
Status: grey-cloud

This record is different from your nameservers. There is no change needed in your nameservers there.

So I followed your instructions and it didn’t work I got an error code 81053 (screenshot attached)

This is why I need physical help from someone at Cloudflare, I understand you don’t offer that so if you could please try and solve this for me and point me in the right direction.


Hi @chris103,

You currently have an A record for www, if you want this CNAME instead, you will need to remove the A record first.

So I just updated it can you look at it to confirm I’ve done it right please?

That look OK to me :+1:

So this is the reason why I needed help…since changing and removing the A record you mentioned my website will not load at all… what has happened?

Your www record now points to MailChimp. I am not sure why they asked for that record if they are not hosting your site. If the previous record was correct, just delete the CNAME you added and add the A record back pointing to your server IP. Then clarify with MailChimp what they need and why that record doesn’t work as expected. It was :grey: so bypassing Cloudflare, so any issues would be on their end.

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