Mail being tagged by Google as coming from unverified domain

I followed thru basic setup of DNS Records. Emails Are working fine. it’s just that it’s being tagged as coming from unverified domain.

I have an MX record pointing to
then an A record for the domain

I dont know where things went wrong. does it have something to do with the dns records on my server?

This is the tool I use for testing email. It should tell you if your domain is properly configured or not.

If you have not done this yet, you might want to explore SPF, DKIM and DMARC DNS records.

SPF specifies which servers are allowed to send emails for your domain. Receiving servers will check this to make sure the sender IP is ok.

DKIM will add a cryptographically signed envelope to your email. Receiving servers will check this to make sure the sender server is ok.

DMARC will tell the receiving server what to do if the SPF and/or DKIM fail - it could be report only (to a service like Valimail), quarantine failing emails or outright reject failing emails. This will increase a domain standing.

If the volume of emails you send to Gmail or Google Workspace domains is high you should also sign up for Postmaster Tools – Google ( This will give daily stats about the number of emails received by Google, how many were rejected, how many passed validations, and how many were reported as spam by users.

Also the new Email Record Creator on Cloudflare can help you create those records (under DNS, bottom of the page):

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