Mail and Site not working

  • I pointed my nameservers to cloudlflare’s nameservers
  • I activated Email (beta) and made 1 catch-all account to forward any mail to my gmail account, I let the Cloudflare webtool add the dns recorsd which are 3 mx records and a spf record
  • I added the A and AAAA records for my webhost

I waited for some days

a) Email is not working, I send an e-mail to this address but it does not show up in my gmail the email routing summary also does not anything.

b) It does not show a website in the browser, Tracert immediately stops and says “unable to resolve target system name”

It’s pretty hard to determine where what goes wrong. I think all settings are ok.

This sounds like your domain’s DNS is not resolving at all. Make sure you follow the setup guide correctly here:

A couple of things to check:

  1. That your Nameservers are set properly at your domain’s Registrar to only the ones listed in your Cloudflare dashboard - no other nameservers should be set
  2. That you do not have DNSSEC enabled from any prior provider - you can check this via a tool like

Thanks, did not think of this.

My registar does not have any option in the menu for DNSSec, so did not really think of this.
I also did not have it active in Cloudflare’s menu.

I’m going to mail mail registar what their procedure is around this.


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