Magic Transit latency in Poland problem with biggest ISP

We have a huge problem with the Polish Internet provider (the largest in this country) “Orange Polska S.A”
We use vps with BuyVM (uses Magic transit), it has a teamspeak server on it. The problem is ping, which is about 50% higher than other Polish operators. The connection of other operators is fine. We asked our users from UK, DE and there the route runs normally at every operator. Orange has a problem and doesn’t want to do anything. Can we count on any help from Cloudflare to contact this ISP? We have already reported problems connecting to Cloudflare servers with Orange, but ignore any pleas. Other Polish operators. We send several samples from different parts of the country. Everything indicates that Orange is using Opentransit and that is where the problem lies. Below are some samples from winMTR

Please help in this case i really believe in magic transit, but Orange be like 50% polish internet provider. It’s really annoying.

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