Magento2 & Wordpress


We have a magento 2 site installed on the root, and a wordpress blog installed on a subdirectory: (Magento2) (Wordpress)
And currently using Verizon CDN and want to change to Cloudflare for a better CDN and the protection features.

I’m confused with the setup, do i need to install the plugins for both magento & wordpress? or it should be installed only for Magento as it cover the subdirectories, and use something like Total Cache plugin in wordpress for the CDN only?


Which Plugins are you talking about?

CloudFlare works on Domain Base including all Subdomains and all Subdorectorys (ofc you can turn it of on Subdirectorys or Subdomains)

If you want to switch just do like this:

  1. Prepare your DNS Setup BEFOR you move the NS Servers over.
  2. Move NS ENtrys to CloudFlare

Be happy as you are already done with the biggest part, for finetuning pls search befor creating a Post.

Thank you for your reply.

For the plugins, I mean Cloudflare plugin for Magento & Cloudflare Plugin for wordpress.

Having the plugin only for magento would cover all for both Magento & wordpress, except for the CDN of wordpress… Here is where I got confused and didn’t find any information about this case.


I never used any CloudFlare Plugins for CloudFlare and to implement it you do not have to use any, maybe the Plugin will give you some controll over some settings but pls just start with moving the NS Entries to CloudFlare.

If you dont know what you do pls search for someone who does this for you

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