Magento website - links all just returning to home page when browsing through website

Every time im on my website and browsing it almost seems like it times out and then if any link link is clicked it just refreshes to the home page

when processing an order when clicking add to cart will just refresh to home page and have to start again

Almost seems the page is timing out and then any link clicked just returns to home page

Can you post your domain name here so we could check?

Moreover, is your domain/website added to Cloudflare?

Also, any redirection rule (nginx vhost or apache htaccess) added at your host/origin server?

Or maybe using some Page Rule at Cloudflare due to redirection?

Does it thrown any error or Cloudflare 521 Timeout or something else?

Could be due to some caching setup?

Any errors shown up?

Hi Fritexvz,

We are using cloudflare yes and don’t have any page rules setup

And it doesn’t actually provide an error message or doesnt say time out it simply just returns to home page

Was that issue before when you weren’t using Cloudflare?

Has only become an issues in the past 2-3 weeks, we have been using cloudflare for around 3 months

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