Magento 2 + Cloudflare + Full Page Cache +Redis

We recently migrated our website from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Because of some known issues we have had difficulty resolving, we have not been able to enable Full Page Cache (FPC) or Redis for our Magento 2 store. I feel this is a huge reason why our M2 site seems slower than our M1 website. When I asked our outside developer about this, he replied:

"Redis is not a good idea when we also have cloudflare enabled.

Also, FPC is not needed when Cloudflare is running as they do the same thing really"

On a certain level, this makes sense to me, but it also simultaneously seems incorrect. Does anyone know if running Redis and Cloudflare together is “not a good idea” or if enabling Full Page Cache on a Magento 2 site already using Cloudflare is redundant, and therefore of little benefit?


First of all, Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default. This makes the other issues irrelevant.

Now for the disclosure: I cache my HTML at Cloudflare using either Workers, or a Cache Everything/Bypass on Cookies Page Rule (Biz/Ent plans only).

With that in mind, I still use Redis (Object Caching). I don’t think it has any chance of messing up even though I cache HTML.

Now for Full Page Caching. I do this on the server, but very carefully so my caches don’t end up out of sync. Since you’re ecommerce, I advise against having Cloudflare do a Cache Everything unless you’re on a Biz plan and can bypass cache if there’s a Magento cookie.

Again, Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default, so your full page caching should be no different than it ever was unless you’ve mistakenly enabled Cache Everything.


Thank you. I apologize, I’m not terribly technically savvy about this stuff, so I am going to repeat what I think you are saying:

Just using Cloudflare does not necessarily make also using FPC or Redis redundant.
You don’t see any issue using both Redis and Cloudflare.
FPC and Cloudflare can work together, if you are careful about syncing caches.

Do I have that right, generally?

Correct. For starters, if you test your site at, you can use the Waterfall View to see if your front page (or any page your test) is cached by Cloudflare. Mine are, so they show HIT (or MISS if it’s purged). Yours should show DYNAMIC, in which case whatever you do with Redis and FPC is just fine.

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 9.42.22 AM

Thanks very much!

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