Magento 1.9 Login Issues


Hi Cloudflare.
I added my Magento 1.9 site to Cloudflare on Saturday evening and it has been running fine.
This morning however, it seems that we are unable to log in to Magento admin. I didn’t initially suspect this could be an issue with Cloudflare but I spoke with a Magento specialist and after addressing issues with session logs, cache and cookies he suggested it may be a Cloudflare issue.
This is the strange bit - If I login on mobile data/4g I can login fine. If I use our local Wifi, I cannot login.
I have added our IP to whitelist here and page rules for disabling security, disable performance & bypass cache on the admin url but the problem remains.
Are there any other settings I should be aware of?
Thank you


What’s the domain?

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