Made a mess with cPanel, CloudFlare, and SSL

We migrated our email recently to Office 365, and autodiscover has not worked since the migration. In an effort to fix it, I made changes to SSL settings in cPanel (stupid me, without knowing what I was doing) – I removed the existing Comodo certificate, installed a self-signed certificate for the root domain and www, and turned on Cloudflare SSL to Full.

Browsing to the site over http and https works fine with these settings. The root domain and www are orange clouded. But now autodiscover still doesn’t work, and I can’t access cPanel (having the issue described here).

We have an A record for cpanel in CF pointing to the server IP (gray cloud). But if I browse to or https/2083, it times out. Browsing to the server IP directly with either port also doesn’t work.

What have I done wrong exactly, and how do I get access to cPanel so I can actually troubleshoot the autodiscover issue?

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I just went to your cPanel and it came right up.

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I would have kept the existing Comodo certificate. It should have been set up for as well as *

With that done, you’d be able to stick with Cloudflare’s SSL Full/Strict mode, and still be able to access your cPanel via HTTPS (if that’s typically how it works…dunno, as I don’t use cPanel).

Maybe that will help with the mail setup as well. I don’t know how your Office365 setup would work, but I bet it’s strictly via DNS, which should be :grey: so it’s not routing through Cloudflare. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email, so that may be it.


Well that’s really strange…for some reason it times out for me. Just tried it from another location and it worked. Odd.

Thanks for the tip. I think I found the root cause of the autodiscover issue here (post #15):

Working with the web dev to fix it.

Would you mind editing your previous post to remove the URL, for posterity? Thank you

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Did the steps help your situation? Is funny how they use office 365 on a linux Apache server; Linux rules the world Windows and Apple are just hosts!!!:joy::joy::joy::roll_eyes: