macOS wifi fails to reconnect on sleep with "Warp Connected"

Warp macOS Version: 2022.12.475.0 (20221229.2)
OS: macOS Ventura 13.1

Steps to reproduce (fails time)
0. Connected to wifi with DHCP

  1. Ensure Warp is connected - Gateway with WARP selected
  2. Test everything is working as expected
  3. Let the Mac go to sleep (3-5 minutes) - Wifi disconnects
  4. Wake up Mac
  5. Wifi connects with error - no internet (wifi icon with exclaimaton appears)
  6. Warp client shows connected however cannot browse even router is inaccessible
  7. Open WARP and disconnect
  8. 95% times, Wifi connects - internet is good - Open WARP and connect - everything works perfectly
  9. In 5% cases, toggle between Gateway with DoH and Gateway with Warp.- network comes back

This is happening since last WARP client update. - 100% reproducible.

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We have been experiencing this as well and are also able to replicate.

@ OP: Nice username:-)

Us too, have experienced this on latest GA (and latest beta) on our macs that have been upgraded to 13.1.

Doing the following steps seems to, (after some quick testing, might be jumping the gun too quickly, but so far, soo good), have solved the issue on the machines we’ve tested:

  1. Uninstall WARP
  2. Reboot machine (important!)
  3. Re-install latest WARP GA