MacOS setup/create remote client's Argo RDP tunnel. How?

Can anybody point me to more detailed instructions to setup a MacOS Argo tunnel client? I’m using Access and the setup is not working on many fronts, permissions, locations, etc. There has to be some resource out there describing this install.

All I can find is:

curl | tar xzC /usr/local/bin


This fails as standard, as admin, or sudo - cannot create the desired folders.
I create the desired folders, still no go.
I change the script to place files in /utils/argo and I at least get the download, in a place it can create directories.

Yet, running the cloudflared results in error re the certificate.

I’ve set Argo (Access) up with several PCs successfully, but this Mac is not cooperating, nor is there much info steps, etc re install vs the PC or Linux.