MacOS: Safari or Firefox Can’t Find Server or this error appears: “Error: <appname> application is not running”


After converting the DNS to Cloudflare Resolver:

When the port test is run (http://localhost:19756/ ) the following message is displayed:

Safari Can’t Find Server. Safari can’t open page ‘localhost: 19756. Because Safari can’t find the server “localhost”.

Alternately the following message is displayed when activating a browser extension in Firefox or Safari:

“Error: application is not running”

These errors are due to a network address issue that is not compensated in Firefox or Safari but is in Chrome.

The “application is not running” error occurs when a browser extensions is linked to an application but the link between the two is broken when the DNS of Cloudflare Resolver is used.

After many hours of troubleshooting this issue a simple fix for this was found that is available by contacting Apple Tech Support at: “”.

The reason I have not chosen to post it here is that Cloudflare has chosen not to proved anything other than community support for Cloudflare Resolver , which in my opinion is using the time and skills of Cloudflare Resolver users without any kind of compensation to provide support for this tool, for a likely goal of increasing profits by not incurring the costs of providing an actual company support.

In effect it is the blind leading the blind or as someone else describe it as the “Big Boy Warranty”, i.e. “Your a big boy [or girl] now, fix it yourself”. This is a paradigm of support I will no longer subscribe to but instead provide solutions to companies that value the time and skills of their user community by providing actual company tech support.

When I contacted Cloudflare Support about this issue, this is the response I received from Andy:

"Thank you for your interest in Cloudflare Resolver.

With Cloudflare Resolver, we’re fixing the foundation of the Internet by building a faster, privacy-centric, and more secure 1,1,1,1 is available publicly for everyone to use.

In order to provide the best possible support to our customer base, please direct any Cloudflare Resolver questions or feedback to our community forum."

After spending over 12 man-hours troubleshooting this issue I finally stumbled on the solution but have chosen only to provide it to Apple for the above reasons and that it is an MOS issue.

As such, I would encourage other user to provide similar pointers and post their solutions with companies that actually provide quality tech support to their customers.

The alternate workaround is to use Google Chrome for your browser.