[MacOS] Internet not working I Deactivate || Uninstall Warp

Anyone else having problems with their internet when Warp is disconnected or uninstalled?

For example when I run a terminal command to check my AWS Lambda Quota
I get this socket connection timeout error:

    Region = us-east-1
    An error occurred:
    Error: Socket connection timeout

With Cloudflare Warp on, the command runs fine. I notice other random errors too (like chat messages in Instagram) not loading when Warp is off.

I’ve tried Uninstalling and Reinstalling Warp with the official uninstall script, deleting /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration, resetting network settings and nothing is working.

What the heck did Warp do to my Mac? How do I go back to a default state?

I feel like I’ve tried every google result and even from this forum, would appreciate any help!

on the latest version (Version: 2023.7.159.0 (20230721.2)